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(Club's 29th Year)

2017 John Lindsay Mem. Torr Head Challenge (N.I. Hospice): Sunday 17th September 2017

ENTER NOW via Entry Central for discount price / see below!

Last year saw 300 riders enjoy a sunny day on one of the best roads in the world

On Sunday 17th September 2017 Team Madigan promote their ever popular Torr Head Challenge, starting at 10.30am from Ballygalley on the Antrim Coast. This is an approved Cycling Ireland event promoted by one of Ulster's long standing clubs. At a cost of £15 per adult this is really good value when signing-on via Entry Central! Signing-on on the day will be £20. Under 18's pay on the day at a cost of £5. PLEASE ENTER HERE VIA ENTRY CENTRAL THIS WILL BE A BIG HELP TO THE CLUB STAFF ON THE DAY! MANY THANKS!

What do you get for your money: 1. A choice of three routes - 20 mile flat, 50 miles mostly flat with one good climb, and 70 miles hilly which takes in the infamous Torr Head. 2. Refreshments at Cushendun and at the finish. 3. Back up services enroute. 4. Clearly marked routes. 5. Insurance cover. 6. The peace of mind knowing that all the above services are provided free of charge by hard working volunteers and that all the money donated goes to the N.I. Hospice.

Full Details 70-miles Torr Head Challenge (Hilly) Start from Ballygalley Public Car Park, take A2 Coast Road to Carnlough, Cushendall, Cushendun (Tea Stop), Torr Head's unclassified road to Ballyvoy, A2 back to Cushendall, Carnlough, finish at Ballygalley (Tea at finish). Route:

50-miles Cushendun Challenge (mostly flat) Start from Ballygalley Public Car Park, take A2 Coast Road to Carnlough, Cushendall, Cushendun (Tea Stop), return via A2 Cushendall, Carnlough, finish at Ballygalley (Tea). Route:

20-miles Carnlough Challenge (Flat) Start from Ballygalley Public Car Park, take A2 Coast Road to Carnlough and return on A2 Coast Road to finish at Ballygalley Public Car Park (Tea). Route:

Please feel free to donate more if you wish to do so, or even have people sponsor you. The choice is yours! Sponsorship form is available from Madigan Cycles in Carrickfergus. All monies gratefully received.

There will be a support vehicle available to assist anyone in trouble. Please note that there is a Spar Shop located in Ballygalley Carpark so you will be able to fill up on supplies if necessary.

All participants should note that the wearing of cycle helmets is compulsory and that all traffic laws must be adhered to. Children should be accompanied by a parent and a parental consent form needs to be signed on the day. Also each person involved with the event does so at their own risk.

Sign On at Ballygalley Public Car Park is from 9.30 am. Come along and have a go for the fun and help others less fortunate!


Chris McGlinchey (Chain Reaction Cycles) wins 2017 Madigan Cycles GP by a wisker.

Picture by Alicja Cernak - Chris McGlinchey (nearmost) Chain Reaction Cycles wins 2017 Madigan Cycles GP by half tyre width from Lindsay Watson Power House at Kilroot, Carrickfergus on Saturday 5th August 2017.

Fifty four miles of hard racing racing could not split impressive riders Chris McGlinchey (Chain Reaction) and Lindsay Watson (Power House) as both sprinted for the finish line at Kilroot. It was by only half a tyres width McGlinchey got the win and Watson had to settle for second. However it was not all bad for the Power House man as he won both of the Seven Sisters King of the Hills primes that took his winnings past that of the winner.

On the first of three 18-mile laps on a tough hilly circuit it was Lindsay Watson and Caldwell Cycles rider Darnell Moore who had borke clear and led the bunch by 40 seconds. On lap two Chris McGlinchey joined the pair and the trio build up a lead of 1:05 over two chasers Carl Morgan and Jody Wright both Phoenix CC, and the bunch was at 1.40 behind. However on the final lap the gap was closing very quickly and rounding the final corner at Kilrot it was down to just a few seconds. Such was the speed of McGlinchey and Watson in the sprint young Moore lost contact and Morgan and Wright were closing in for third place, but Moore just had enough to get there for third spot at 3 seconds behind Mc Glinchey and Watson. Morgan moved ahead for 4th and Wright took 5th. For me ride of the day came from young junior rider Conor Gallagher from Castle Bar CC who took 6th place at only 13 seconds behind top A1 riders on a very testing course. This race is one that gives junior and A3 riders the chance to really test them selves against good A1 riders. Robbie McElderry of Bann Wheelers was another stand-out rider finishing 12th / first A3 rider home. Peter Wakeley of Phoenix CC was first A2. Gary McCulough (vet) was the first Team Madigan rider home and young Patrick Rogan of Phoenix CC was delighted with his first unplaced junior prize after finishing 23rd overall at only 2:39 behind the winner.

Team Madigan Cycling Club wish to thank Mr Ronnie McKeegan of Madigan Cycles / Pro Bike Centre Carrickfergus for sponsoring this race for the 28th year. Thanks to all of the 124 riders for taking part in the four races. Thanks also goes to Results Team Gordon Parker, Allie, Colin Boyle for a first class job assisted by Jim Adams start / finish set-up. Commissaires Dominic, Jean and Jonny for a great job. The Police Constables for their good work. All of the Team Madigan members who helped Marshal, drive the various cars etc etc. All of those who kindly provided photographs of the races thank you. Eden Cafe for catering. Mid & East Antrim Borough Council for hire of Eden Centre. E.F.S. First Aid for a job well done. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way with this years race! (Davy Ross Team Madigan Secretary / Race Secretary).

Result (A1, A2, A3, Junior) 54-miles 3 Laps: 1 Chris McGlinchey (Chain Reaction) 2h:06m:55s; 2 Lindsay Watson (Power House) same time; 3 Darnell Moore (Caldwell Cycles Omagh) @ 3s; 4 Carl Morgan (Phoenix CC) st; 5 Jody Wright (Phoenix CC) @1:05; 6 Conor Gallagher / 1st Junior (Castle Bar) @1:13; 7 Darragh McCarter (Donegall Bay) @ 2:27; 8 Kevin McKinney (Armagh CC) @2:28; 9 Jonny Taylor (Carn Wheelers); 10 Bobby Kane (Bann Wheelers); 11 Nathan Mullan (Dromara CC) all same time; 12 Robbie McElderry / 1st A3 (Bann Whs) @ 2:29: 13 John Heverin (Clann Eireann); 14 Keith Philips ( North Down CC); 15 Peter Wakeley / 1st A2 (Phoenix CC) all same time;16 Paul Wilkinson (West Down Whs) @ 2:31; 17 Fergus Rooney (Phoenix CC); 18 Gary McCullough / 1st Madigan (Team Madigan); 19 Chris Birney (Sport Active); 20 Gary Walker (Team Madigan); 21 Niall Morris (Phoenix CC) all same time; 22 Dale Bonar (Ballymena RC) @ 2:37; 23 Patrick Rogan / 1st unplaced Junior (Phoenix CC) @ 2:39; 24 Cathal Smyth (Phoenix CC) @ 2:44; 25 Rider 289 (Phoenix CC) @ 2:50; 26 Ethan Downey (Clann Eireann) @ 2:53; 27 Paul McCoubrey (Clougher Valley Whs) @ 2:55; 28 Gary McClune (Team Madigan) 5:42; 29 David Wright (Phoenix CC) @ 7:35.

A4 Race 36-miles 2 Laps: 1 Dermot O'Kane (Bann Valley)1h 40m 28s; 2 Felix Hagan (Phoenix CC); 3 Jonathan Taylor (North Down CC) both same time; 4 Danny O'Connor (VC Glendale) @ 2s; 5 William Strain (VC Iveagh) @ 3s; 6 Dan Brown (Curran Racing); 7 Alan Glendinning (Island Whs); 8 Andrew Meek (Kings Moss CC); 9 Stewart Millar (North Down CC); 10 Ryan McErlean (Carn Whs) all same time.

Ladies Race 36-miles 2 Laps: 1 Katharine Smyth (Team Madigan); 2 Lisa Lamont (Team Madigan); 3 Meta Johnston (Team Madigan); 4 Laura Blair (Ballymena RC).

Masters / Over 50s Race 36-miles 2 Laps: 1 Tommy Wilson (Ballymena RC); 2 Chris McCann (Phoenix CC); 3 Jim McConnell (Ballymena RC); 4 Paul Kirk (North Down CC); 5 Chris Wheeler (Team Madigan).

Race Reports to follow later!


2015 Madigan GP

Report and Photos kindly provided by Bronagh and Brendan Kirk / click link

2015 Madigan GP Results:

A Race

1 David Watson, North Down CC; 2 Paul Mulligan, Caldwell Cycles; 3 Mark McKinley, Newry Whs; 4 Aaron McGrady, Phoenix CC; 5 Mike Millar, Phoenix CC; 6 Matthew Brennan, Ballymena RC; 7 Derek Finnegan, Keavan CC; 8 Kevin Lynch, Newry Whs; 9 Andrew Bye, Newry Whs; 10 Alan Bingham, Cuchullain. KOH Lap1 Mike Millar. KOH Lap 2 Aaron McGrady.

B Race: 1 Sean McCorry, VC Glendale; 2 Gareth Peden, Causeway CC; 3 Gary Walker, Team Madigan; 4 Edward Kearney, Phoenix CC; 5 Paul Cunningham, Team Madigan; 6 Matthew McKinstry, West Down Whs; 7 Graham Evans, Spires CC; 8 Mark Kendall, Banbridge CC. KOH Lap 1 Adam Leech, North Down CC.

Masters Over 50: 1 Noel Boyce, North Down CC; 2 Gerard Magire, Phoenix CC; 3 Neil McCartan, Power House; 4 Jim McConnell, East Antrim Audi CC; 5 Geoff Garrett, Phoenix CC; 6 Paul Kirk, North Down CC. KOH Lap 1 Noel Boyce.


1 Eileen Burns, Ballymena RC; 2 Katharine Smyth, Team Madigan; 3 Karen Hull, Phoenix CC; 4 Julie Mulligan, Strule Whs; 5 A Shannon, Newry Whs; 6 Lorraine Mullarkey, Emyvale CC. KOH Lap 1 Katharine Smyth.


50 is the new 21 Nigel Laffin cycles the distance of a lap of planet earth in under a year!

Whilst other sports may claim that an individual is at their physical peak in their 20's cycling is one of those sports that you can still maintain and achieve a lot well into what some would consider time for your pipe and slippers.

Age is certainly no barrier to Team Madigan's Nigel Laffin who this year turned 50 and had his most successful cycling season to date.

Nigel who is well known on the club and T.T. circuit has become a bit of a cult hero amongst Strava users with numerous cyclists worldwide following his daily /weekly mileage,  matching and beating what many do in a vehicle. So much so that in his 50th year Nigel decided to keep on cycling and see what could be achieved in one year. 15,000 miles became a target and was passed / 20,000 was achieved and the urge to keep on cycling remained. It was suggested a lap of the world was a goal and so it was that on Sunday 7 th December 2014 Nigel recorded his 24,901.55 mile which is enough to complete a lap of planet earth.

Not to rest on his laurels, whilst racking up the miles in 2014 Nigel also happened to achieve the not too insignificant feats of:-

Winning Madigan's club BAR annual competition.

Broke Gary McKeegan's longstanding 20min 10sec club 10 mile T.T. record with a time of 19.58

Was the oldest entrant to take part and complete this year's Tour of the North.

Was a gold medal winner in the Ulster Team 25 Championship promoted by Phoenix CC back in May this year. The Madigan team of Jonathan Kyle, Nigel Laffin, Paul Stenson and Stuart Scott recorded 53.04) .

Nigel tells us his wife Margaret has a list of household tasks which have been building up for the past year so he may just have to take a wee break for a while.

Well done Nigel - Not bad for an ould boy!!! Good motivation for all of us.

Report: Ken Brewster (Team Madigan).



David Montgomery wins Madigan Cycles GP in Horrendous weather conditions, Saturday 2 August 2014

Unattached rider David Montgomery broke clear of the field early in the first lap of 3 and rode superbly on his own opening up a gap of almost 5minutes at one point over the chasing pack, in horrendous heavy rain on the tough hilly 18-mile circuit at Kilroot. He remained in front crossing the finish line 3 minutes 48 seconds ahead of Connor Murphy (Caldwell Cycles) and 4 minutes 35 seconds ahead of Mike Millar (Phoenix CC) and Cathal Smyth (Phoneix CC). Paul Mulligan (Caldwell Cycles), Sean MacIntyre (Shelbourne), Lindsay Watson (Plush MTB), Steven McAlister (BCC) and John Madden (Dig Deep Coaching) completed the top 10 at 5 minutes 30 seconds behind winner David Montgomery who also won the Kings of the Hills Primes on laps 1 & 2.

Team Madigan the race promoters wish to thank all the riders for braving the poor conditions and all the Marshals, Officials and Ciaran - Chip Timing who were soaked to the skin throughout the race. As luck would have it the rain stopped after racing was over. Thanks also goes to long time sponsor of the race (26-years) Ronnie McKeegan of Madigan Cycles Carrickfergus and to Carrickfergus Borough Council for helping with sponsorship and providing Eden Community Centre for the day, it was a superb Race HQ. Thanks to St Johns First Aid Carrickfergus Branch for their good work.


Giro stage 2 passes through Carrick.

Upcoming Open Events Team Madigan are hosting (volunteers needed)

Torr Head Challenge- Sunday 21st September 2014

Cyclocross Race- Sunday 26th October







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