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Type of Membership (2015)

Note: all fees include the Cycling Ulster levy

Amount payable to Cycling Ireland

Amount payable to Team Madigan Cycling Club 

(Club Fee / paid at Shop)

 Grand Total

Non Competition Membership / Leisure




£  5 £35.00

Introductory Non Competition Membership


This was for new Cycling Ireland members in their first year only, reverts to the above fee in second year!  It provides cycling insurance for leisure but not for racing! It may be reinstated in coming years. New Leisure Members pay the fee above!

£ £

Club Competition

Full Member Rights including cycling plus club/interclub races.  Vets entitled to compete in CU Vets Association TT / DK League + Ulster Vets Championships




£25 £85.00

Restricted Competition

Full Member Rights including cycling plus club/interclub races.  Plus only ONE of the following open events: Off Road / Track / Cyclo Cross / Time Trial / BMX.




£25 £109.00

Full Competition Senior & Veteran

Veteran: Born before 31st Dec 1972

Full Member Rights - All Open Events




£25 £139.00

Full Competition Junior (16-18)

Junior: Born 1996 or 1997

All Applicable Open Events

£42 £25  £67.00

Full Competition Youth: Under16 - Cadet

Under 16: Born 1998 or 1999

All Applicable Open Events

£30 £5 £35.00

Full Competition Youth: Under 12/14

Under 12: Born 2002 or 2003

Under 14:  Born 2000 or 2001

All Applicable Open Events




£5 £10.00

Restricted Competition Youth: Under 8/10 (born on or after 01st January 2006 or 1st January 2004).

Note No Open Road events permitted!

Off road & Closed Road circuits only!




£5 £10.00


2015 Club Membership Fees set at 2014 AGM: The adult fee (18 and over) is £25 for those who compete in club races or open races and £5 for those who do not compete.  Children / Youth up to age 17 remains at £5.  However it was agreed that if a parent is a club member their child / children will be free.  Note: the Children's £5 Cycling Ireland fee needs to be paid to Cycling Ireland. 


To join up on-line please click this link www.cyclingireland.ie and follow the instructions and make sure you select Team Madigan C.C.   Note: Team Madigan Club Membership is renewed at the Cycle Shop but the Cycling Ireland on-line facility should be used to obtain your licence. Ronnie will have the 'Club Membership Form' for you to fill in, please check the fees above and try to have the correct money. The membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.  Note: The Cycling Ireland Insurance Cover only starts once the Cycling Ireland fees are paid!


Why Join Cycling Ireland

Cycling is one of the fastest growing and most popular sports right now. By joining Cycling Ireland you are joining a community where not only will you be insured while you cycle, you can enjoy the social and physical benefits of the sport.

INSURANCE: you will be covered for personal injury, and third party damage/liability. This cover extends to training, and events (See "What kind of licence am I looking for" for details of the events covered under each licence). 

PHYSICAL: Cycling is a non weight bearing sport, which means it is easy on the joints, and recommended by many specialists as a good sport for rehabilitation of injury or sickness while improving your overall well being.

EDUCATIONAL: Cycling Ireland encourages learning and development in its members, and runs a series of Coaching Qualifications. In 2011 we signed a contract with British Cycling which will further the range of services and training that we can offer our coaches. For all details see our coaching section on the website.


Events: Many events offer discounted entry fees for Cycling Ireland members. Once you become a member of Cycling Ireland you will get a yearbook, which has, among other information, a calendar of events for road racing, off road racing, and leisure tours. Throughout the year the weekends are full of events in which you can participate.

Clubs: Our clubs are one of our greatest assets in Cycling Ireland. While you don't have to be a member of a club to join Cycling Ireland, we recommend you join one, as it is in the clubs, through our members, that you will learn vital skills and training methods to help you improve as a cyclist.

Students 50% reduction: If you are in full time third level education and are a Senior rider (over 18), taking out a Full Competition licence you qualify for a 50% discount. You must apply for your student discount when you are applying for your membership in the relevant year. After you have logged in to the portal, you should select the 'Member' tile. Select the 'Student' box in the member details section. After filling in the rest of your details and clicking next, you will be prompted to upload some documents. The documents that you should upload are:

1: Student ID card.
2: Letter from 3rd level institution where you are studying confirming your attendance on a full time course.
Cycling Ireland will then review this documentation and once it is approved, you will receive an email inviting you to log back in and pay for your membership



Why Join Cyling Ireland? you will be covered for personal injury, and third party damage/liability. This cover extends to training, and events depending on the licence type taken.

Follow these steps in order:

1. Pay Club Fees at the Shop
2. Log in and pick licence type @ cyclingireland.ie
3. Team Madigan will confirm you are a member within 72hrs
4. You will recieve an email requesting to log into cyclingireland.ie and make payment

(First timers- Ronnie can take money for both club & Cycling Ireland intro membership)


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