Last Updated : 18 February, 2011
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Team Madigan Club Sponsor - Madigan Pro Bike Centre Carrickfergus

Team Madigan Cycling Club has one of the longest running sponsorships in Northern Ireland cycling.  The club, which was founded in 1989 by Davy Brown, 
Bobby Law and Marty McLaughlin, was known as Carrick Road Club and immediately gained sponsorship from Mr Ronnie and Mrs Averil McKeegan, proprietors of  "Madigan Pro Bike Centre " trading in Carrickfergus.  The business is arguably one of N.Ireland's leading cycle shops, dealing in a full range of cycles, components and clothing etc., for kids up to the elite in all cycling disciplines, they've got it all.    Special Deals @ Madigan Pro Bike Centre, click here.

Ronnie was among N.Irelands best cyclists back in the sixties and seventies, he excelled at track racing and was selected as a member of the N.Ireland, Commonwealth Games track team in 1968.  He has been involved in cycle racing for some forty years plus, beginning as a young teenager with the Kings Moss Cycling Club, to which he remained a member for some thirty years.  Ronnie is not just a sponsor, he is a very active club member and indeed is Team Madigan's president.  He takes great interest in the young riders, coaching them in the proper manner with " a little at a time " and makes their training fun and enjoyable.  He has a wealth of knowledge in the sport and is always on hand for help and advice when required.

Ronnie and Averil provide club clothing free, as part of the sponsorship, the club then sells the clothing to its members, at a third of the price, and the money then goes into club funds, this helps provide financial backing for riders selected to ride in N.Ireland teams.  It also pays for trophies and other activities, plus the general finances of the club.  The club has ran very successfully under this arrangement since its conception, and all members gain benefit from it in some form or another, plus every member receives a full cycling kit. Every member is treated the same in Team Madigan, one person  receives the same as another.  Ronnie and Averil also sponsor the Madigan Grand Prix each year, which is one of N.Irelands premier road races.  Discount is also given to members when a purchase is made from the Bike Centre.

The members of Team Madigan Cycling Club recognize they are extremely fortunate to have such an interested and valued sponsor, the club are much appreciative and indebted to Ronnie and Averil for their continued support.




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