Club Run

Club runs leave from Madigan Pro Bike Centre every Sunday at 9.30am.

Groups are spilt into 3 abilities, A / B / C. Depending on the group, rides

range  in speed and distance.  New members are more than welcome

to take part and help is always available to anyone in difficulty


Speed: 18 – 20mph
Distance: 60 – 80 miles. The A Group is normally attended by experienced, racers or regular cyclists. It is a great group to test your fitness for racing or sportives


Speed: 16 – 18mph
Distance: 50 – 70 miles. The B group is suited for cyclists who want to complete long sportives or progress their cycling ability. Great group for beginners and experienced riders


Speed: 14 – 16mph
Distance: 30 – 50 miles. The cruiser group is great for new cyclists and cyclist who just want to enjoy leisure with a coffee and bun. Great for new riders to learn etiquette of cycling in group

Meeting Point

Madigan Pro Bike Centre
89 Irish Quarter Street
BT38 8AS

Saturday Run

The Carrickfergus Saturday group leaves Victoria shops area of the town at 0900 hrs. This is a leisure group which would be considered a "C" level group, the runs being ad hoc dependant on the weatherand personnel involved. The run is posted on Facebook at least on the Friday before, to allow those interested to make themselves aware of the route and the approx time to complete it.



Helmet, Spare Tubes (x2), Tire Levers, Water/Hydration Drink, Snack/Energy food, Money & Mobile Phone. A bike fitted with mudguards over the winter months is also essential
If unfortunately you puncture it is important to make the group aware by shouting 'puncture.' The Group will then come to a stop in safe area. If you need their will be plenty club members that will happily help you. As is accustomed riders will help each other to speed the process up
The aim of every club run is keep the group together until the end. If the pace is too high you can shout 'easy up' and also skip turns at the front to save energy - everyone has been in this situation. On long climbs the group may naturally break up however everyone will regroup at the top before setting off again. It's important to work out beforehand which group best suits you in terms of speed and distance.