New Team Madigan Website


Welcome to our new Team Madigan Website

Thank you Madiganeers for taking the time to visit our new website. As you will appreciate the development of the site is in its infancy, but it is hoped that the site will grow and further develop, providing up to date information, photos and articles of interest, that are better suited to be viewed outside of the Social Media platform.


The task of reforming our webpage has been taken on by Ben McComb. Past contributions incorporated within the site include those of Steven Stewart, Davy Ross and Ken Brewster, if other articles appear which should be attributed to additional members, I apologise for not mentioning them personally.


I would always welcome constructive feedback, and would ask our membership to “Think outside the box” and bring new ideas to our website and indeed to our club.



So off we go folks, I hope you think well of the new site, and will continue to visit it throughout the year.

David McQuitty Chairman