Qualifying Times

Time Trial Medal

Time Trial Medal - Qualifying Times. Note: The medal's are only awarded the first time you are on or below the qualifying time in tables below. Personal Best Medals are only available to those who have obtained their Bronze, Silver and Sub Medal's ! (bronze and silver for the 10 T.T.)

After you have obtained the aforementioned medal's PB medal's will be your next goal. These PB medal's are given each year when you better your PB time!

Davy Ross / the Race Secretary must be informed of your time and the date it was set. This must be done at the very latest on the week of the last club time trial, so that the medal's can be ordered in good time for the club prize night!  

Note, times set in Open events will also count for medal's.

Link to Medal Qualifying Table

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Just to be clear re PB medals:
To go for the 10 T.T. Personal Best medal you must have obtained your 10 T.T. silver medal in a previous year!

To go for the 25 T.T. PB medal you must have obtained your 'sub 1-hour' medal in a previous year! The same will apply re the 50 T.T. and 100 T.T. PB medal's - after you have obtained the sub 2-hour / sub 4-hour in a previous year! you can go for the Personal Best medal's. This gives everyone a goal to aim for.

Juvenile Medal's: Juveniles have their own qualifying times for the 10 T.T. only! (as they are not permitted to ride the 25 / 50 / 100). They can also claim a medal in the senior qualifying table if they obtain the required time or better it! They can also go for a 10 T.T. PB medal once they have obtained the senior silver medal.